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Our team has over 17 year of experience in our Arizona Real Estate market and have been purchasing properties in Maricopa County since 2004. ​We started our concept from purchasing properties for our clients from Trustee Sales Auction, but late 2015 auction prices have sky rocketed leaving no room for an investor to make a reasonable return on their investment. Our recent approach is finding distressed properties that might need minor to a complete rehab which the homeowner either does not have the ability or capital to bring the property to par in order to sell it at retail or in a hardship situation. This approach give us the leverage to help the homeowner financially as well as relocate and sell the property at a discounted price between 65% - 75% of Market value. 
With all that being said our inventory sells really quick, sometimes as quick as an hour or two after sending our email blast. That means 60% of our inventory never gets posted on our website. This is why we always urge for you to get signed up on our mailing list to avoid missing out on the next great deal.

Bidding Service:
We continue to provide bidding services to our client who might have an interest in a property that is on the auction block. Our services include property search, driving property, title and tax research and biding at the auction block. 

Our bidding service fee is $1995 on each property we purchase for you. There is no fee if we do not win the auction. Also a $10,000 fully refundable deposit is required in order to bid at the trustee sale.